Keep Calm and Say Arrrr.

‘Parents play the key role in Children’s learning. They are experts on their own children and they are a child’s first and enduring educators’ - Parents, Early Years and Learning (PEAL)

The children in the Burrow have been enjoying our Pirate activities so much we thought it was time for you to get involved in the fun too!

We’ve been learning a story called ‘We’re going on a Treasure Hunt’. We’ve written the script for you to access so that you can share the story with your child.

To help us learn the story we add actions to illustrate certain words and phrases. E.g. marching when we say ‘we’re going on a Treasure Hunt’ or using a Pirate arm swing when we say ‘Arrr!’

Read the story to your child and they may show you the actions and may even say some of the words.

Other activities have included making treasure maps, telescopes, eye patches, a pirate ship and treasure boxes. You could try some of these activities at home. Let us know of any activities that you enjoy together. Take a photo, a video or send us an email. We’d love to add your contributions to our displays in the Burrow.

Thank you for reading…Arrr!