Let It Grow...

As a part of our Forest School activity this week in the Nest, we have been growing cress! We placed an egg box onto the table and placed a few pieces of cotton wool next to it, watching the babies as they made their way over to the table to explore. Some of the babies loved feeling the cotton wool and pulling it apart, whereas others were a bit unsure of the texture and threw it onto the floor!

We then let the babies explore the seed packet before we opened it! They loved looking at the picture on the front of the cress and also shaking it.  The children enjoyed listening to the seeds rattling. We then poured some seeds onto the cotton wool which they then placed into the egg box.

Then the fun bit began…Pouring the water onto the seeds! (Let’s just say it was not just the cress seeds that got a little wet!) The babies loved pouring the water onto the seeds, it was amazing to watch the children’s little hands hold such a big jug of water and manage to pour it onto the seeds! At the end of the week we are hoping that the cress has grown (then we are going to give it to the amazing Valerie and see what she can make with it)!

We have also been going for lots of walks this week! We walked along the Greenway as well as venturing up to the bridge to watch the construction workers with the Burrow children.  The babies loved this adventure; especially when we could see the big digger! On the way back we picked some yummy blackberries to have for snack for the following day. The Blackberries went down a treat; the babies loved them, even though a few were a bit sour!

Thank you for reading!