New Year in the Nest!

First of all myself and Madi would like to welcome you all back and wish you all a Happy New Year! We would also like to welcome all the new babies into the Nest, and we’ve been popping down into the Warren for plenty of cuddles with our older children! 


For the past two weeks in the Nest, myself and Madi thought it would be a good idea to bring in some tubes and boxes that we had floating around at home (especially after Christmas!) At first the babies weren’t too interested, so we had a think, and decided that it would be a good idea to add something else into the mix and see how the babies react. 


We thought that adding some balls would be a good idea, as the babies absolutely love rolling balls to each other. 

At first the babies were more interested in the balls! So we had another though, "why don’t we hide the balls in the boxes, and use the tubes to roll the balls down?" So we placed some of the balls into the boxes, and then we sat back and watched as the babies began to open the boxes! 


After that there was no stopping them! Because we had hid the balls in the boxes, the babies decided that they would hide in the boxes too!

Who would have thought something you could have chucked away could be so much fun!


One little boy loved playing with the balls, he shouted "catch" every time he threw the ball, so we began to play catch and then I thought "how can I incorporate the tubes and boxes into playing catch?" So I decided to ask him if he could through the ball into the box, and he did! He loved doing this, he giggled and giggled, this encouraged more and more babies to see what was happening! And after 5 minutes, they were all sat playing with the balls and the baskets!


Next I wondered how I could change this a bit more to keep the babies engaged with their play, and I asked one little boy if he could through the soft balls at the tube, then I would hit the ball across the room! This was great, all the babies got involved! They would chase the ball across the room, and then bring it back to me!


We have also been have lots of fun painting! Making jelly paint pictures! It was lots of fun and also very messy! But that doesn't matter as we love mess!

In the Nest we are currently asking for family photos! As we are making a family picture collage in the room! (These can be all sorts of pictures ranging from pets to great grannies and granddads!)

Thank you for reading!