Rice, rice baby!

This week in the Nest we have been focusing our language and using our own words to communicate supported gestures, and we've been practicing our coordination tecniques and we've been using our hands and increasing our skills to use our fingers to lift and also we've been handing books and printed material with interest.

We've had lots of different animal activites out! As for the past few weeks the babies have been into all the different types of animals; whether it be the puppets, small world animals or the cuddly toys! Myself and Madi plan around the babies interests so we thought that for this week we could have an animal themed week!

Then we came up with some activites that the babies would enjoy:

- singing with the animal puppets before snack's and also at home time!

- filling up the tuff tray with rice and hiding the animals - not plain rice though! GREEN coloured rice - to represent grass! 

- reading animal themed books!

The babies loved singing with the puppets, we sung lots of different animal themed songs such as:

- Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken!

- Horsey Horsey!

- 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive!

- Old Macdonald!

- Hickory Dickery Dock!

- Incy Wincy Spider

And lots, lots more!

With all these exciting activities the babies were wore out! 

The coloured rice went down amazing with the babies! At the moment the babies are all into sensory play! So last week I decided to make some coloured rice for the babies this week! I used food colouring and plain rice and mixed it together! I then left it for a few hours and added more food colouring! I used green food colouring as i thought it would represent grass! The babies enjoyed finding the animals within the rice, they also enjoyed scooping up the rice up with their hands! This encourages the babies to develop their coordination tecniques and we've been doing this by using our hands and increasing our skills to use our fingers to find the animals hidden in the rice.

Last week Madian I thought of ways that we could incorporate Forest School in with the babies interest, so we decided that walking around the farm to see the horses and goats would be a good way to do this, as at the moment the babies all love seeing the animals! So we went on a few walks around the farm! The babies loved this! We got all wrapped up and went to see the animals!

The babies also enjoyed the animal books! As the babies enjoy lots of sensory activites at the moment we got out all of the sensory and textured books! 

We've also been doing lots of painting activities! And getting very messy!

Thanks for reading!