Tiffs Moving

Hello everybody, I’m back from my holiday and slowly adjusting to the climate change!

Whilst away it gave me lots of time to reflect on my very lovely life back at home, and come to the decision that I would love to go back to working with the babies and small toddlers (the age which I had previously worked with). Luckily for me the wonderful Free Rangers have accommodated this through the developments that are taking place. Even though it will be hard for me to  leave the Burrow I feel this is the best choice for me!

Thank you to all the parents in the Burrow for accommodating me so well over the past year, I have loved being part of the Burrow team, learning and playing with all of the wonderful Burrowers, and of course the staff.

I am looking forward to joining the Nest and Warren team and meeting my friends, and the fun filled future at Free Rangers.

See you all soon