Building a school with words.

We are raising funds to build a school. Next week the first edition of the Free Rangers’ magazine will be hot off the press and also available online. All proceeds from the sale of each copy will go into a separate Free Rangers’ fund with the sole focus of raising money to convert the remaining farm buildings and extend our provision past our current preschool room into key stage 1.


The first edition sees a wide variety of contributors who have written both personally and professionally. We aim to instil empathy during our time with young children here at nursery and we hope that this magazine builds empathy amongst our readers and helps them to realise others are running parallel on a similar path to theirs.

From left to right we have:

1) YOGADOO was started in 2015 by Qualified UK Yoga Alliance and RKY Yoga Instructor, Lucy Aston. Lucy has been practicing Yoga for 20 years, firstly as relaxation whilst studying for a Law degree at University. Since becoming a mother in 2008, Lucy has practised Yoga at home with her son and has seen the benefits first hand for improving posture and concentration, building strength and body confidence and helping with relaxation and sleep - and not to mention being great fun!

2) Hard Days Out, Made Easy is an online community that aims to provide families with children with additional needs with a little help to find and access venues that work hard to provide an inclusive environment, so the whole family can enjoy a day out.

3) Our very own SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) Jessica Kendrick writes about her journey with her daughter and having her hearing impairment diagnosed.

4) Ed “Red Fox” Harding provides us with a woodland inspired craft activity that gets us using tools and also discusses the merits of enabling children to experience risky play.

5) A delicious and quick recipe for hummus has been provided by Beth, a meat free chef from Frome

6) One of the images of a Free Range child embarking on a healthy dollop of risky play.

7) Kat Dever shares her experience surrounding her choice for a natural birth for her third child

8) We’re so lucky that Betsy de Thierry from has taken the time out to advise us on how to recognise trauma in children and how might go about helping our children through traumatic times.

Hannah-Jayne has also written a piece, describing her life managing the challenging that mental health issues can bring.

We’d like to thank all of our contributors, who have offered their time and expertise for free. We are very grateful and hope that the first edition of our magazine strikes a chord with many other Free Range families.