Blackberry Monsters!!!!!!

This week the children have been making blackberry pies. First of all we all went on a hunt around the farm to find the biggest, yummiest blackberries, trying them along the way, we all had extra big blackberry smiles. We looked at the different colours of the blackberries discussing that green and red ones are not ripe and the black ones are ready to pick and eat.

We then took the blackberries to the nursery where we washed them and the babies washed their hands ready to bake! We sat around the table in a group so that the babies could all join in and take turns. I helped the babies cut out two circles of puff pastry for their pies. They then placed blackberries into the centre of one circle of pastry, with most of the blackberries ending up in the children’s mouths! We placed the other pastry circle onto the top to form a lid. Each child waited patiently for their turn to use the pastry brush to brush the milk across their pie, ready to place into the oven and watch them grow!

The babies then proudly took their pies home to show their mummies and daddies. That’s what we call a successful bake with little blackberry monsters!