Boris and Sid

A few months ago we were given some books from a mum who was having a good sort out. There were two books that the children took a real shine to and they were "Calm Down Boris" and "You’re Not So Scary, Sid!" Boris is a monster who is always over the top and loves to give children big kisses. He goes down to the park but his friends don’t want to play with him because he is always trying to kiss them! However his friends get into a bit of trouble with an angry dog but Boris manages to scare him away by giving him lots of kisses! This story really gets the children involved as they have to check his fur and give him a brush, they also love to get kisses from Boris.

Sid is a also a monster but he is opposite to Boris as he loves to scare children, some children do get a little afraid of Sid but they just watch from a distance. Sid loves to scare people, he likes to eat children’s fingers and thumbs so they have to sit on their hands so he doesn’t get them. They also have to hide through their fingers so that he can’t find them. The children have to scare Sid back to show him that they aren’t scared and make Sid cry! This story also gets all the children involved and leaves them waiting for the next page!

These books really get all the children involved, the children are stood up either stroking or scaring the monsters, and communicating confidently about what happens next or what they want to happen next!

If your child has a favourite book at home and you would like to share it with us, please feel free to pop it in one day for all the other children to read.

Thanks for reading,