Christmas Activities - Wooden Reindeer

Last week the children were faced with a tricky session, testing various different abilities and skill sets as they made their Snowmen. I was really pleased with how it went, but thought it might be a little much to ask them to make something as complicated. So this week saw them making some delightful little hanging Reindeer, using the familiar body shape to the snowmen. The process was similar to last week (arms/antlers, noses, threading, drilling & snipping) so the children could easily access the activity and again I was very pleased with the children’s progress throughout.


Although they weren’t using the bow saw this time round, children still utilised the brace drill and pruning shears with great confidence and enthusiasm and they looked fantastic hanging up to dry with their little red painted noses. Very festive! I hope they have pride of place in your homes alongside the Snowmen as the children really worked very hard on them. We kept them minimal, but by all means add to them if you like - perhaps some facial features, or some tinsel in their antlers.

It would be great to see some of your creations here on our Facebook page.

Greetings from the woods,

R. Fox