Christmas Activities - Wooden Snowmen

Wooden SnowmenContinuing the Christmas themed activities, the children will be making some Wooden Snowmen this week. This activity will test the children’s fine and gross motor skills as they put their tool use to practice and thread the snowmen pieces together. Originally the snowmen were going to be free standing but it was very tricky to make pegs a set size and there were time restrictions on the sessions so we opted for a hanging decoration instead. Prior to starting the activity, we talked about which tools we were going to use, how we use them, the motions or actions associated and then the safety precautions we should take. It’s amazing how much they remember, and I was impressed to see them actively changing their kneeling positions whilst using the Bow Saw and keeping their hands away from the end of the drill. Some still needed some reminding but that’s why we do it every time we use tools. Once learnt it will stay with them, and help them manage their own safety in the future.

Although the body and head were already sawn and drilled for speed and convenience (having to make 80 snowmen in one week takes a whole chunk of time!), the children still had to saw the two ash and elder parts of the hat, drill holes for them, and drill a hole for the nose in the head piece. Then the children threaded the whole lot together and went searching for some arms and a nice carrot like nose!

Once made the children could then adapt their creations, giving them names and personalities. I was really pleased with the tenacity of the children in the cold weather of this week to persevere outside in the cold, whilst doing some focussed tool work and fiddly threading. I hope they are being hung somewhere with pride!

Well done Den! :)

R. Fox