Circle song time

Circle song time is an activity that The Warren enjoy and look forward to, this is a big part of our routine we do it twice a day. Why do we do it twice a day? It helps the children to feel comfortable with the routines and having these familiar milestones throughout the day creates an environment in which they feel safe and can therefore relax, enjoy themselves and learn more successfully. We all sit down in a circle and I lay out the song cards that represent their favourite songs. We then take it in turns to pick a song card; this also encourages personal, social and emotional development in that the children are encouraged to wait for their own turn. We then sing the chosen song. We use actions to aid understanding of the words used which also ensures those that aren’t yet so confident with singing along can enjoy the activity by acting it out.

Our favourite songs are:

Wind the bobbin up

Bobbing up and down on a little red tractor

Ba ba black sheep

Rolly polly

If you would like any copies of the songs we sing in The Warren please ask Laura or Lou.

Or continuing on the tractor theme this musical version of a popular Barefoot book can be found here