Diary of a novice chicken keeper - Week 2

Lesson learnt: Chicken poo really stinks.

Before we allowed the chickens out of their temporary stable accommodation, we needed to make sure they were healthy and wouldn't do a runner as soon as they got a sniff of freedom. The idea was to keep the chickens in the stable for 10 - 14 days. Thursday of this week was their release date. By then, we had hoped they'd know their surroundings and come back everyday.

Valerie de-loused and de-wormed the chickens which already had a visible beneficial impact on their well-being; in that they had stopped eating each other and had laid a fair amount. Valerie and I also (note my son was nowhere to be seen) brushed out their stables and gave them fresh hay to lay on as they'll be staying in the stable at nights until the new coop arrives!

Whilst cleaning out the stables Valerie and I came to the conclusion that chicken poo really does smell.

Cow poo = sweet smelling like fermenting grass Dog poo = smells like dog food Horse poo = really quite inoffensive Chicken poo = smells like a culmination of rotting food stuffs and drains

Lesson learnt: A petrichor prescription for the chickens

So Thursday came about; the creaky stable door opened and the chickens didn't take a backward glance. They started tucking into the nearby grass, indulging in some dry mud baths and generally enjoying exploring the farmyard.  It was raining on and off all day and it was clear our little feathered friends needed a touch of petrichor having been cooped up (tee hee) for over 10 days.

What's petrichor? The smell of earth after the rain. (credit goes to a Facebook friend of mine for introducing me to this brilliant word)

Where's your favourite place to indulge in a little petrichor?

Lesson learnt: Keep your eye on the timer whilst cooking

What to do with all these lovely eggs...

Partake in some mother / son bonding time with the little ones and bake! I can literally hear all you fellow mums shaking your head in empathy; yes it was as exhausting as it sounds. Here are some of the delights we made. Turns out my endeavours in the kitchen were more Master Fail than Master Chef.

Burnt sugar free raspberry biscuits, followed by a broccoli and egg omelette creation and to finish, banana and raspberry muffins. I hadn't planned on making the latter but the boys had such a melt down that we'd burnt the first, I was sort of guilted in to it. Still at least I know our sons can confidently crack an egg after today's activities and that they won't starve when it comes to fending for themselves. More than can be said for their father. (Don't worry he never reads this blog.)

Old Pink Bottom Update

I fear Pink Bottom would have kicked the bucket had it not been for Clare, who re-homed "Pinky" in a dog's cage and administered special cream for pink bottom's pink bottom twice a day.

We hope Pink Bottom will continue to make a full recovery and we'll keep you posted on her reintroduction to the rest of the girls next week.

Meanwhile enjoy your eggs this week but spare a thought for the chickens who might not be enjoying a spot of petrichor.