Encouraging Independence

"Babies must learn to trust and depend on their parents and teachers before they can learn true independence”

The truth of this statement can be seen as soon as you step up into ‘The Nest’.  Within the baby room you can clearly see the bond between each child and their key worker.  This allows the children to have a strong exploratory impulse but within a safe and secure environment in which the children feel comfortable to be apart from their carer but safe in the knowledge that we are always there.  Some children feel the need to ‘check in’ regularly, coming over for a cuddle, a sit down or refuel before scampering back off.  Well-nurtured infants will use their growing abilities (rather than cry or wail) to call out vocally, reach out arms, or crawl toward you when they need you.

Once our babies are comfortable, happy and secure we can see each child blossom, showing their own interests, skills and personalities.  Over the last couple of weeks we have noticed a keen interest in independent feeding.  To encourage this we provide each child at lunchtime with two spoons, one for the children and one for us.  The children relish this independence whilst helping to develop co-ordination between dipping the spoon into their bowl and guiding it towards their mouth.  Saying this can be a messy affair is a slight understatement but it is lovely to see our babies grow and develop their new skills.

Another interest has been walking, over the last few weeks we have seen the majority of our older babies taking their first steps and now becoming confident walkers.  Whilst others, not far behind, are watching, beginning to pull themselves up, and standing unaided.  We have encouraged these new found abilities with walkers in the garden, soft play to pull up on and climb on and ride along tractors as well as clapping, cheering and generally encouraging each child along the way.

Have a lovely weekend,