Goodbye Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago Wilf arrived at Free Rangers with some caterpillars “They will turn into butterflies” he exclaimed! The Burrow explored the caterpillars, which openly lead to a discussion about their life cycle. As a group we read the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book so that the children could visually see and understand the changes that occur and how it will happen.

On Friday last week Owen came down with lots of cocoons hanging in a netted basket, he asked if the Burrowers would like to release the butterflies and of course I said yes! After snack time the children got very excited knowing that we would be releasing the butterflies into the paddock, one child told me that the “butterflies will use their wings to fly away.”

On the way down to the paddock Lucy stopped me and asked if the Den children could join us in letting the butterflies go. I thought this would really help with encouraging the Burrow children interact with the older children, which in turn will develop and help gain more confidence. When all the children were ready we ventured out into the paddock, around by the fire pit. All the children sat down in amazement whilst we discussed the life of the caterpillar and how it turns into a butterfly, then the time had come …….. to finally release them.

The butterflies weren’t used to flying and they were a bit shy coming out, so I gave them a helping hand! The children were so excited they slowly started edging forward getting closer and closer, which made the butterflies seem a bit scared so I placed them on our big natural wooden cricket in the paddock where they could be left alone to explore the great outdoors.

During the time of releasing the butterflies, the children were learning all about nature and understanding the life cycle and habitat that they require. The staff in the Burrow heard lots of conversations between all the children regarding the Butterflies, it was great to see the children interlinking with new friends; younger and older ones!

Before I go here’s a link to the butterfly kit so you can grow your own butterflies at home!