How does your garden grow?

A few weeks ago, in the Den, we began planting some seeds in an attempt to grow our own veg. Unfortunately, our French beans have been attacked by an army of slugs, snails and other insects – the one time that we don’t want to be experiencing bugs outdoors!

This week we are planting out tomato plants and cabbage seeds. Our plan is to protect our little seedlings by using homemade ‘cloches’. To make our ‘cloches’ we are recycling our large drinking water bottles to stop any little critters coming into contact with our plants and munching on them!

Whilst being out in our garden area, lots of conversations have taken place as we share our experiences of gardening at home. Many children seem to help parents and grandparents to tend to their gardens, and already have a good knowledge about the correct conditions for growing plants, which will no doubt help them to become gardeners in the future.

Huge amounts of learning can come from being out in the garden – how to care for plants, how things grow, where our food comes from, as well as the physical aspect of digging in the soil, but best of all we have had lots of fun!

We would love to hear any (Forest School Friendly!!) tips that anyone may have regarding keeping slugs, snails etc away.

Happy gardening!