How we plan in the Burrow

In the Burrow we help to plan for your children’s interests and needs, whether they enjoy jumping into our ball pool or sitting down and reading a story. As one of our roles when working with children, we have to plan for every child as an individual. For example Child N has enjoyed building a tower all week, so for next week’s planning I will ensure tower building is included in the planning. In the burrow as well as the planning sheet we also have a sheet each in which all our key children are placed on, we tick them off when they’ve been planned for. Working in a nursery we also have to observe our children, which you will find in their online CD wheel, with these observations they help us to further plan linking the interests of the children.

When you drop your child off in the morning, you may have noticed that there are set activities for your children (unless the early birds have had too much fun already). Myself, Nic or Chynna will set the room up in the morning from the planning, unfortunately our job isn’t just playing all day 

At the end of the week I leave the room for an hour to reflect on the weeks planning and start a new one for next week. I will look at Nic or Chynna’s planning sheet and see what their children also enjoyed that week. If lots of children enjoyed playing with cars, I will place cars out on the floor the following week. If they enjoy that again for another week, I will make it more challenging by adding props  and other resources.

If you ever want to see the planning board, feel free to have a wonder into the room and look at the big green board to your left!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”- This quote is exactly what planning is all about, if we didn’t plan for our children at nursery they will not achieve to the best of their ability.