I am the music man...

Many of you I'm sure have heard the wonderful renditions of, "The wheels on the bus" or other hit classics such as, "Wind the bobbin up" tunefully floating down 'The Nest' stairs on more than one occasion! Jemma, Patti and I sing daily to the babies (much to their delight I'm sure!) and never cease to enjoy the occasions when the children join in. This may be with actions, musical instruments, babbling, dancing or even clapping at the end of each song.  It is this interest in music along with one child who after hearing "Old McDonald has a farm" will merrily chip in with "eieieieiei" that led me to want to expand from our everyday song cards and listening to the same old voices.

Tim (from pre-school) who is never one to turn down a performance eagerly accepted my invitation to visit the babies, along with his guitar for a music session.  So last week we excitedly collaborated all our musical instruments with 'The Warren' who also came along for some singing fun and sat patiently ready for it to begin. 

I say patiently, 'The Warren' sat beautifully.  'The Nest' however seized this rare opportunity to be let loose in the warren and scampered in all directions.  Tim asked the children what they would like to sing and took requests such as "baa baa" and "twinkle".  To my amazement as soon as the guitar began the nest babies stopped and watched, transfixed by the music.  Some picked up instruments, some bopped and moved their bodies whilst others just sat in wonderment and watched.

It is lovely to be able to provide these wonderful opportunities at Free Rangers whilst following the children’s interests and we are very luckily to have such talented staff who are willing to give up time in their own room to share these experiences with the younger children.

Lastly I would like to say a warm hello to all our new Nest families and a fond farewell to those who have flown the Nest, you will all be very much missed!

Thanks for reading,