Imagination adventures

It's no secret that in the Den we love books. We want all of our children to experience some of the top children's books out there whether they are fact or fiction, poignant or silly, serious or off the wall, worded or wordless they should all provoke a reaction in the mind and encourage every single reader young or old to find meaning and joy from their contents.

We are very excited to announce then that we have joined the Imagination Adventures pre-school book club.

Imagination Adventures is an online book shop run by Caroline, specialising in picture books for zero to seven year olds. That's just the recommended age though, and Imagination Adventures aims to find books which adults want to read too.

Caroline never grew up when it came to her reading material, and finds herself reading beautiful coffee table books instead of novels. She loves the ability to get away from it all in a picture book, so when she had her son Albie the passion came back to her and Imagination Adventures was born.

The book clubs offer a great family experience as you wait and see what the monthly book is. The type of books that make it into the Imagination Adventures book clubs must be beautifully illustrated, with few words so that your mind does most of the talking and to get the brain cogs going once the last page has been turned, whether it's telling more of a story or going off in search of an inspired activity.

I had a wonderful chat to Caroline after I heard about the club which quickly turned into a complete nerd-out about publishers, favourite books and those special qualities that make a good story worth the reading. Each month we will be receiving a new book  and I will be writing about what we enjoyed, how we used it and what ideas were prompted as a result.

If you want to join us in the adventure just have a look at and join their Picture Book Club.