It's started!

Two of our older children had been to see Disney on Ice together, this is a section of the observation that Tam made during their play. I love the way it captures the excitement of backstage preparations, the thrill of the audience waiting and, above all, the magic of performance Charlie, "I need two more seats for my babies." looking at the chairs around the cosy corner she said, "Those are my babies' seats." placing the dolls onto them. walking back to the carpet she joined Daisy, holding hands they smiled and shouted together, "Disney on ice! Disney on ice!"

Daisy, "It's over. Now it's a brand new show."

Charlie, "I need my shoes on."

Daisy, "Now get the cushions." Daisy picked up and placed two cushions onto the carpet. "This is a brand new metal show."

Charlie, "This show's on and the chocolate van's here. The chocolate man has eaten the ice­-cream!" she looked shocked and wide-eyed then burst out giggling.

Daisy looked seriously at everyone who sat in the audience, "The show's over in ten minutes. Here's a brand new show from me today. Is anyone watching? We must wait now"

Jessica and Phoebe came over to Charlie and Daisy.

Jessica,"My show is dancing."

Phoebe: "My show is singing."

Daisy and Charlie went to the audience on chairs around the carpet while Jessica and Phoebe sang and danced, at the end they clapped.

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Daisy announced the next interval, "The ice cream van's back, time to get some ice creams."

Jessica, "My show is starting over, the customers are at the show." Everyone was sat quietly in their seats waiting for the show to begin, I asked Florence if I could have an ice-cream, she said to me, "Strawberry ice cream and yours was strawberry ice cream and the babies got strawberry ice cream!"

Jessica theatrically announced, "1,2,3,4,5."

Charlie and Rosa joined in repeating her counting together, "1,2,3,4,5!"

Daisy announced, "Ladies and gentleman welcome to Disney on ice. You're welcome to cheer and shout."

Florence smiled at me and said, "Tam it's started!"

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