Mark Making Matters

Firstly I would like to say a big Happy Birthday to many of our Nest babies who have turned 1 in the last few weeks, it seems time really does fly!  I would also like to take this opportunity to inform parents of staff changes within the Nest.  As some of you are aware Cat has flown the Nest into the Warren and is now looking after our older babies, where she has settled in brilliantly. We have warmly welcomed Jemma back up to the Nest and will also be joined by Patti on a Monday and Friday. Due to this your child’s keyworker may have changed but a list shall be put up by Monday of these updates, as always please ask if you have any questions.

For the last couple of weeks in the Nest our main focus has been mark making. We have provided the children with many opportunities to explore and investigate a variety of media using hands, bodies, brushes, cars, balls and utensils to create marks.

Sometimes marks are made for the pure physical enjoyment of the activity – feeling the sand slipping between their fingers – where there is no interest in an end product at all; the physical activity is an end in itself and an opportunity for them to experiment and explore with their senses, developing confidence and dexterity through the process.

We began at the water fountain in Midsomer Norton Park a firm favourite for both staff and children, here the children were encouraged to lead their own play. Some splashed in the water, laughing as the drops fell on their heads, faces and hands. Others were more intrigued with running their hands through the damp sand, tracing it with their fingers and watching the marks they left.

Within the room we have encouraged children to explore, tea grains, flour, gloop and glitter again using their hands but also brushes and any other utensil or toy they may like.

Last week we moved onto body painting - this is where the real mess begins! We spread out paper, squirting paint and letting the children crawl around in their nappies using their whole bodies to explore. Each chid reacted to this in different ways, some got stuck in straight away, enjoying the feel of the paint. Others were slightly more tentative, using one finger to touch then pull away. One or two took one glance and gave us the look of “no chance!” and off they went.

This brings us to this week were we have carried on our painting activity but using cars to push through the paint to create tracks. This allows the children to begin to make a connection between their actions and the marks they make.

As always thank you for reading and I hope your children have not come home too multi-coloured recently!