Our children learn how to box...

Whenever I see a discarded box outside a shop waiting to be recycled or (gasp) thrown away I always feel an urge to grab them and cart them away to FR HQ for transformation into the most fantastic creations. This post is dedicated to that most wonderful of forgettable items: the cardboard box (applause) MI boxes 1142013

My favourite comic growing up (and indeed now, all good children's products can be judged on how much they interest adults) is Calvin and Hobbes: if you haven't heard of the adventures of this six year old boy and his 'stuffed' tiger then head here to have a read: Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin always had a hundred different uses for the humble cardboard box and we have started to explore our own imaginations with a few sides of corrugated cardboard.

Building tunnels and castles, the children drew their own windows along the sides

MI boxes2 1142013 Space rockets travelling to space: one child would sit inside whilst the others stood around the edge giving them a countdown before shaking the box and welcoming them out

MI boxes1 1142013

We've also created robots, dinosaurs and used them as slides: the possibilities are endless with boxes, the next time you have one, leave it lying around and see what you child makes of it... or with it!

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A lot of our creations have been made possible because of an excellent construction aid called Makedo that a parent put me on to a little while ago. I mentioned it previously in this post: check it out as well.