Our Planet - Imagination Adventures

Our second book from IA was an absolute surprise for me. Until it dropped into my hands I had never come across 'Our Planet' before and I feel like I have been missing out on what is a truly unique and thought provoking book. To tell a simple story that highlights complex issues is always a tough balance to achieve but Jimi Lee manages it without words and with illustrations that base themselves around a large hole in the middle of the book, a real eye catcher for the children from the first!

The subtlety of the design did present a daunting prospect for me the first time I explored it with the children and it soon became apparent that it worked best with small groups or in 1:1 situations. I found two really good ways of presenting the book originally; first was to preface each turned page with "Our planet..." and get the children to say what they saw, after a couple of pages there were lots of discussions about what was happening and what was changing on our planet. The second way extended that idea as I held the book up to my face and started to look around the edge, bringing a more in depth look at the pages and more human edge. After I had finished one girl took the book and repeated that process, holding it up to her face, allowing for an extension of ideas between everyone.

This is certainly a wonderfully crafted book and a fantastic addition to our collection: roll on out next Imagination Adventure!