Outdoor Nation - National Trust Blog Post

The National Trust have been very vocal recently in trying to understand and reverse the growing trend of children that are growing up away and disconnected from Nature. In 2010 they ran a national debate called Outdoor Nation, asking the UK if getting children outside was important? Of course, everyone agreed it was. Since this, they have commissioned a report by writer and broadcaster Stephen Moss (you can read this report here: Natural Childhood Report) to drive this consensus forward to actionable results. They have also backed filmmaker David Bond in his film “Project Wild Thing” as he tries to convince the current generation of children that Nature is something to get involved in.


Another part of this Outdoor Nation project is a blog, which the National Trust has gathered lots of like minded educators, professionals and outdoor enthusiasts to keep this message alive and share their views on what can be done. I was privileged to be asked to contribute to this, and to detail why it is important to tap into Nature at an early age and to inspire lifelong learning and a connection with the Great Outdoors during the Early Years as well as after.

There are many other contributors as well that are well worth a read. Click on the link below and have a read! Do share your comments and thoughts, both here and on the blog. It’s a worthy debate to get involved in!

Outdoor Nation Blog



R. Fox