Risk Benefits for the children

This week on Forest School we have been focusing on climbing with confidence and being able to manage their own risks. This is found in the early year’s foundation stages under physical development. The babies have been able to freely explore the assault course and mud slope in the paddock, where they have been able to climb, balance and walk across planks, logs and tyres. This activity has giving the babies the opportunity to manage their own risks and learn how to solve problem. Being able to work out how to walk across the stepping stones, or having the confidence to jump of the logs with support from a careers. This is classed as Risk Benefits for the children.

This activity is great to encourage development in other areas such as Personal, Social and Emotional Development, taking turn’s when climbing on the assault course waiting for the support of a carer which helps build their confidence independently, further more developing their communication and language skills. When climbing on the mud slide and sliding down the children were using worlds such as “more”, “weeee” and “again”