Slacklining Continued...

This week has been an extension of last weeks Slacklining down in the woods as we really wanted to capitalise on the wonderfully warm weather. It has been a blissfully bright and warm week which makes Forest School 10x easier to run. Spirits are higher and most children are instinctively more inclined to get outside. The fact we don’t spend an hour or 3 finding extra layers, gloves, hats, waterproofs and three pairs of socks is frankly amazing and means the children get more of a forest school session. However, spending the same amount of time chasing children around the garden trying to get sun cream and hats on them, is an equally frustrating, but nevertheless important part of sunny outdoor provision. Blog_290113_MainSplit-2

So this week we have extended this activity to make it slightly more challenging. Last week the children had to tackle mostly a straight slackline, so this week we decided to wrap them around the trees to make the route more of a challenge. It proved far too easy for some and real problem for the less confident, but all the children that attempted it got passed with some form of assistance or all by themselves.


This week has also reminded me of just what a wonderful resource the woods is. Although it isn’t huge, it proves an endless source of fascination for the children when they have had their fill of the Forest School activities. Whether the children are exploring the water in the brook, finding their way through the maze of thick dog rose bushes, or climbing up the steep muddy paths to find the trolls house, they thoroughly enjoy having free time in the woods alongside the activities I plan for them. And it’s even better when it’s in the warm dappled light of the sun as well. Glorious.

Have a superb bank holiday weekend and see you all next week!


R. Fox