Somewhere over the rainbow….there’s cloud dough!

Seeing a recipient for dough on Facebook, of all places, I was inspired to jazz up the usual play dough we see every week. Usually play dough includes flour, salt, oil and water, and requires skill in mixing it together in order to get the correct consistency.

But imagine my delight when I read the list of ingredients for this new dough, it was only 2 items long:

  • Corn flour
  • Hair conditioner

The children and I began by mixing coconut conditioner and corn flour. After some kneading and manipulating it did indeed resemble dough. Many of the Burrowers were fascinated by the subtle differences between this dough and play dough. This dough has a 'crunchier' feel to it, which lent itself wonderfully to encouraging and extending the children's narrative. We spoke of 'squeezing' and 'crunching' the dough.


The scent and colour added another level of discovery to their play. When we tried the pomegranate conditioner the dough was suddenly pink and very smelly!

Apologies if any of the toddlers come home with slightly pink or fruity smelling hands, at least you know they're clean!

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