Splish, Splash, Splosh 

As last week was lovely and sunny weather we decided explore the water play within the Warren this week. We filled a small paddling pool with bubbly water and then added resources such as cups, jugs, funnels. A few of the children liked to go in and out of the water whereas some loved to sit down in the water and splash using their hands and feet.

This activity supported the children’s fine motor skills as they used cups to pour and fill water. They also used the cups to fill the jugs and funnels transporting the water from one place to another. Some children also had an understanding of the water’s temperature, as one child dipped their feet in to the water and told me it was cold, so I asked 'shall I add some warm water to the paddling pool?', and the child repiled 'Yes'.

All of the children really enjoyed this activity as it was calm enjoyable atmosphere, as well as having many learning intentions.