Spring into action!

We’ve come back after Easter to welcome lots of new children and families into the Burrow. The children are mixing and settling in well with their other Free Ranger friends and new, exciting surroundings. For our families in the Burrow we are asking you to bring in some family photos that we can hang from our lovely handmade family mobile (thanks Ed) that we can share altogether and talk about our families, friends, pets and people who are special to us.

We are also sending out a big thanks to Vince for our amazing new canopy, which has already proved successful with our Burrowers. Every day we set out activities under the canopy and indoors for the children to create an easy and fun free flow area which provides a wide range of choices of where to go and what to explore. A big hit has been our giant soft blocks, jumping off of them high into the sky, making houses and tunnels to crawl though and simply just to relax on! We have also had our Forest School activity set out for all to explore, this week we have used our senses whilst playing with soil, talking about the smells, the touch, some even braved to lick it, although we don’t encourage that!

April (well, March, April and May) showers are still upon us, so please still bring wet weather gear and wellies. As you know, we always manage to find a big muddy puddle somewhere, although there’s not one under the archway now, so families no longer have to jump over it!

For when the sun returns, please remember hats! A recent email was sent out about using our own sun cream, if you are keen for this to be the case, please let me, Lauren or Chynna know and we will tick you off our list. If you decided not to use ours, please ensure there is some in your child’s bag.

Just in case any families are having a Spring clean and need a new home for:

  • Cuddly toys; if you have any spare that are in good condition we will be very grateful for any donations.
  • Also any junk modelling bits and bobs would be great! Anything from cardboard boxes to buttons or lids! (Please no toilet roll inners – hygiene reasons!)
  • Sunhats…..if the sun makes an appearance again!

Big thanks,