Story challenge

For a little while I have had a project slowly fermenting and it's at the stage that I'd like your input. It all started when I saw the work of Bath based artist Robert Fresson who captures, in a single panel, a whole narrative or a situation that allows you a snapshot into a whole world Robert and I have started a story writing project and need your help with extending the narrative! Have a look at the two pictures below, print them off using this link: Story Challenge, share them with your setting, show them to your children, and let them tell you what is happening, what has happened and what will happen next?

MI 16062013

This is a time to let your child's imagination shine, whatever they say and create, go with it! Here's a couple of example stories that came about last week:

"It's a lady... she's looking at the sea. The house is in the sea. there are sharks in there! She has to swim to the shops, she isn't very happy. She gets a rope and ties it around the house and around her and swims to where the lights are. The lights are in a town, she wants to get there."

"William has a keylock, his house is in the water, a flood cos it rained too much. He's scared cos he can't get anywhere, he needs to swim to the beach... he needs to take: bananas, crisps, sandwiches - cheese, sauce, ham, cucumber, mayonnaise, pickle and salad - water to keep hydrated, a towel and a bottom towel for his bottom (laughter) an eye towel and an arm towel and a leg and feet towel, goggles, a woggle and arm bands. He has a boat and sees seagulls and hears waves... he doesn't get to the beach, he hits a rock and crashed. A mermaid might come to help him? They have a tail to go under the water and little heads like people. The mermaid lifts him up and he has arm bands to let him float. He's ok."

MI1 16062013

Have fun with the stories, prompt with open ended questions if the child gets stuck or if they say 'I don't know' (although once the child 'gets' the game, they will have no difficulties). All that I ask is that you send me a transcript or some of the ideas that you come up with, they will help to shape the story, keep an eye out for more updates on how the project develops!

Happy storytelling!