Strong in the Sun

The weather has been blazing over the last few weeks and it means that nearly all of our play has happened outside. We love the fact that all our children want to be out and our planning allows for that fact but more importantly we want our children to understand the importance of being safe in the sun. We do this in a few ways: MI 13072013


  • Slip, Slap, Slop: Slip on a T-shirt, Slap on a hat, slop on some suncream!
  • We always have water available either in the garden or inside with cups for a drink
  • We talk about the emotional side of things, feeling overly angry or upset can be because of the heat so we add cooling down as part of our conflict resolution

MI 13072013c

Having so much time outside as led to wonderful activities, most notably when Vince took our hose and we had to improvise!

Blog MI 28072013

We've also put up a few hammocks in our shelters and they have proved so popular that they haven't been moved for about a month!

MI 13072013d

So keep enjoying the weather (though it is meant to change rapidly over the next week!) and remember to keep safe whatever the weather... and don't forget to put up a few hammocks as well!

MI 13072013a