The Rise and Rise of The Den

We were making bread at Nursery today thanks to the interest of one of our children. This boy had approached me and asked to do some baking and we had listed some of the things he wanted to make up on our planning board; bread, cake, biscuits, bacon sandwiches, popcorn and burgers to name but a few! I'm a keen breadmaker and so with all the ingredients ready we set to work... I had a crack team of bakers all keen to mix, measure, stir and pat, roll, shape and splat, we discussed the different parts of the process that needed attention and I was really pleased to hear the children confidently telling an interested onlooker how they were kneading the dough before we proved it.

This activity also had an impact at home as well; I was fortunate enough to meet the mother of the boy who asked to bake this morning, she told how excited he was about seeing me. Meeting the parents and seeing how happy they are about their children's anticipation of the day or how confidently they can trust us when their child is not as sure in the transition gives me a real buzz and highlights an important issue about the way we as Early Years practitioners work with and respect the impact of the families around the children.

We’re now a little under a month settling into our new rooms and it seems like a good time to reflect on the positives of the room change and what we can do to keep everything working at a top level. I would like to invite parents from all four rooms to take some time to let us know how you feel about your new room, what you like and what your children like and want to add. Talk to your key person, drop us an email or a note in the office and remember this is our nursery and we make it better by working together.

Tim 'Wild Boar' Graham

P.S The bread was lovely and orders are now being taken!