Welcome to The Warren

Firstly I would like to welcome all the new children and their families to The Warren. Our Blog will hopefully give you an insight into all the exciting things our children get up too during their time with us. Visiting the farm is an activity we engage in frequently as it offers the children a wealth of learning opportunities.

Such as:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of their immediate nursery environment
  • Relating books in pictures to a real life context e.g. Gary the Goose, farm machinery
  • Linking key concepts about the world in which we live e.g. wool comes from sheep, some foods grow in fields
  • Negotiating uneven terrain and therefore developing their physical capabilities
  • Splashing in puddles is simply great fun!

Although the rain may be getting some of us down it hasn’t dampened the spirits of our warren children who have very much enjoyed splashing in the puddles when out and about. The children run out of the door in search of the biggest puddle and laugh in excitement with their peers.