Whatever the Weather!

Hello! Firstly I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Chynna and I have recently joined Lauren and Nic in the Burrow and have been getting to know the children over the past few weeks. I am just finishing my Early Years Teacher Status and have the perfect setting to put all of my studies into practice. I am really enjoying getting to know the children and make those crucial bonds. I have had a great first few weeks and one of the things I love about Free Rangers is the amount of time we get to spend outside. This week we have spent lots of time in the garden, walked to the park and walked to the brook for a splash in the river. I always find the learning that takes place outside brings about so many great conversations with the children, using the noises, smells and sights that we come across on our walks. When we were at the park I sat down next to some daisies with two boys and one boy pointed at the yellow part of the flower and said ‘This is what the bees get to take to their houses and they make honey.’ It is this type of spontaneous learning which shows how much children can understand from a young age and how much they want to learn, especially when they have the freedom to learn outdoors. We enjoyed walking along the greenway with the cow parsley and blossom framing the path, although the stinging nettles caused a few near misses! Typically we have gone from sun cream and sun hats to wellies and waterproofs in the space of a few days, but walking whatever the weather makes it all more exciting!

On Thursday we walked to the brook, testing out our new waterproofs! We had a great time walking through the long grass, avoiding the stinging nettles and waving to the horses. Our trip was made a bit more adventurous when we discovered that the normal path down to the brook was completely overgrown so we had to balance and carefully walk down a steep, muddy path. When we eventually got to the brook we had a great time splashing in our welly boots, finding some water shrimps and dropping stones into the river to make some great ‘sploshing’ noises. A few children put their hands in the water to feel the cold water and everyone enjoyed splashing the water around. Some of the toddlers really put the new waterproofs through their paces and still managed to get very wet in the shallow brook!

We have had a great week this week and the best thing about working in the Burrow is that no day is ever the same and the children always find new ways to surprise and challenge us every day. I look forward to getting to know the children and parents more and more each week, and want to thank everyone, (staff, parents and children!) for making me feel so welcome in the Free Rangers family!