My role is to supply and create the best possible nutrition to feed all children who attend Free Rangers.

I had the most amazing parents who taught me how to live off the land. My mother was skilled in every task in the home, she taught me to knit, sew, darn, and cook from raw ingredients which my father grew in the garden. I watched and helped him grow all our food and remember the chore of prepping the harvest ready for freezing to see us through the tough winter. This helped me appreciate every meal on my plate. We aim to give your child the same experiences to show them the value of food.

Since joining Free Rangers I have come up against many challenges. I realise now my daughter gave me the best understanding of how the look, texture and smell of food inhibited her in trying my cooking. We live in a world where advertising influences what we eat and with children an easy target banishing fast food from their diets is a challenge. I am constantly updating and renewing recipes to support our children’s forever changing pallet. I have worked around food intolerances and special dietary requirements. We are now ready to start putting together the recipes for you all to enjoy so watch this space…

Favourite tree: Oak

Favourite forest animal: George the Goose

Favourite season: Spring

Our Story

Welton Manor Farm has been in our family for three generations. Our Grandad, George Knowles used to farm the land...


The Site

Surrounded by rolling countryside Free Rangers is located on a former working farm site and has exclusive access to 20 acres.


Forest School

Forest School is a key approach to learning which underpins the Free Rangers ethos and lies at the heart of what we do.