Snap, crackle and pop!

This week in the Nest we've been focusing on our moving and handling skills, this involves using our fine motor skills to turn pages in a book, pouring jugs or using mark making tools! We've also been focusing on exploring and experimenting a range of media, through sensory play and using our whole body to move to the sounds that they enjoy.

So we've been exploring sensory play for the past week, a few weeks ago myself and Madi had a huge order of rice cripsys and corn flakes come in! So we decided after watching the babies for the past few weeks, and finding out their interests, which involved posting and stacking! We could carry on the maths theme and lead it on, which is when we came up with the idea of filling the tuff tray with rice crispy's and putting some measuring jugs and spoons in there. This is to encourage the babies fine motor skills to use pouring jugs to fill and measure!

The babies loved playing with the rice crispy's! The first thing that they did when they seen them was either scoop some up with their hands and eat some! Or climb into the tuff tray! One little girl loved it so much, she climbed into the tuff tray and just led down! But why not!

We've also had the ICT toys out this week! To encourage the babies to explore and experiment with a range of media, through sensory play and using their whole body to move to the sounds that they enjoy! 

One little boy loved listening to music! He began to sway from side to side - using his whole body to move to the sounds that he enjoyed

Another little boy loved playing with the toy phone! He lifted the phone to his ear and said "hiya" and "ello!" 

This was a great opportunity to sit back and watch the babies explore! They all loved pushing the buttons to make things pop up! Hearing the different sounds when you pushed a button!

Thanks for reading!