Sugar Free Ice Cream Recipe

This ice cream recipe only contains the naturally occurring sugars found in bananas, the children at Free Rangers love it and it's really easy to make.


3 organic bananas

450g natural yoghurt 

Serves: 6 children


1) Freeze 3 organic peeled bananas 

2) Blend with natural yoghurt, check the yoghurt has less than or equal to 5g of sugar per 100g 

3) If you like lumps then keep a few chopped bananas to add to the mix, before you refreeze.

4) Refreeze for 30 mins, the longer you freeze the harder the consistency, if you freeze for an hour, you could add to a cone and the ice cream would keep its shape.

5) Serve, we sometimes sprinkle raw cacao powder to add a little kick.

Please note you can substitute bananas for raspberries, strawberries, get the idea?