Tractor Ted Rolls into Free Rangers

Cabbages, Cabbages Oh, Oh, Oh… This week was ‘Tractor Ted Week’ across the nursery. It has been lovely to see how each of the rooms have used and adapted this theme to ensure the children engaged in valuable, age appropriate learning experiences. Tractor Ted is a lovable children's story character who entertains and educates children with his exciting stories of farm adventures. Ted introduces children to valuable knowledge about animals, seasons, machines and foods all in the context of highly engaging stories, DVD’s and songs. You can find out more about Tractor Ted from the leaflets in your child’s gift box or by visiting the website.

Throughout the week children have been enjoying watching the DVD’s and learning about harvesting vegetables, summer time on the farm and the range of machinery used to keep a farm working. In the rooms children have been exploring hay and soil with farm animals, listening to stories, using real veg in the role play and enjoyed using tractors to create some track paintings. Out and about the children have been off around our farm on a ‘Farm fact walk’ and have been helping Val collect the eggs from our five new chickens.

With so much in the press about children being unaware of where their food comes from and the importance of eating healthy this week has helped provide the children of Free Rangers with valuable knowledge as well as spark an interest in Tractor Ted, a character that is hugely educational to children on these matters.

The children have been fascinated by the stories and photos of machinery. My favourite moment being while out on the walk a child ran into the field full of excitement after seeing a photograph of the Combine Harvester and held his hands out shouting “where is it then, can you see the combine?” Obviously in future it seems we need to go a step further!

All in all it has been a successful week which I am sure we will repeat, and if you have forgotten the words it goes:“Cabbages, Cabbages Woah, Oh, Oh! They're Big and green and round” (I think staff will be singing this for a while!)