Two steps forward, one step back

This week in the Nest we are having lots of fun looking at many books. We have taken interest in books with various animals in, and also the different noises they make. By sharing noises and pictures it helps to reinforce the children’s understanding and start to join together the pieces of the jigsaw that is the world around them.

Some of the babies have started to build in confidence and have been taking steps across the room independently with some encouragement from Lisa and I. These huge leaps in physical development are a joy to witness and nurture. Did you know when children are learning to walk; it’s best practice to allow them to do so without shoes as research has shown if they’re wearing shoes they become more focused on looking down at the shoes than holding themselves in a successful body position.

The weather has been lovely for a few days with some brief encounters of sunshine, so the Nest babies and their carers have taken to long walks along the cycle path to Midsomer Norton Park.

The trampolines proved to be fun with both carers and children giggling as we learn what goes up, must come down! We have been whizzing down slides, swinging on the swings, and using our fingers to poke at the sand. On the way back they were so worn out they chose to snooze.

Our trips out are simply great fun, but they also go someway in expanding our little’s ones views of their world and even on the journey we’re pointing out sights, sounds and smells as we near our destination.

Nest families, your homework for this weekend is to take some fantastic photos for our family board!

For more feet facts please see Why barefoot is best for children

Thank you for reading.