We have accepted the invitation to become an Advocacy School.

Yesterday we had a visit from Richard Howard, Chair of the National Education Trust. We are very proud to announce we have accepted the invitation to become an Advocacy School. Here's a little bit about what this means.

For some time now, NET has been considering ways of promoting the very best practices in our schools. The NET Trustees developed the idea of having “Advocacy Schools” who will promote the values that NET espouses and also add their own distinctive approach to what is best in learning and teaching. Everyone we’ve spoken to thinks it’s a great idea and we are seeking to extend the number from our present 24 to 50 over time.

The rationale for this invitation is: NET is inviting a number of Advocacy Schools, whose features include:

• All around the school there are places of interest, challenge, wonder and reflection

• The leadership of the school is committed to an aspirational culture: one of belief that children and young people can achieve more that they might have thought

• The 'student voice' is listened to and acted upon

• The staff is committed to excellent teaching and an orderly, enthusiastic community

• Governors, parents and local people hold the school in high regard, and are involved in productive discourse about the school's vision and performance

• Certain aspects stand out from the norm, both to those who work in the school, and to visitors who observe: 'Someone's doing something special here'.

More information can be found at The National Education Trust