The Free Rangers Toddle Waddle

On Wednesday we ventured along the cycle track in rain and wind in mass to raise money for Meningitis; saving lives, rebuilding futures. We invited our families and friends to join the fun, where we togged the children up in water-proofs and wellies to start the Waddle.  We had a number of volunteers who helped us, which we were very pleased to see so thank you! This allowed all of Free Rangers to venture out, leaving Valerie behind to man the fort and prepare our well-earned lunch! Firstly the Nest and Warren set off, closely followed behind by the Burrow and then last but not least the Den. Each staff member was responsible of a little group and had discussions of trees, insects, puddles, dogs, horses and why we were doing the charity waddle!

In my group we pretended to be ‘Under the Sea Creatures’, as this was the theme, we were swishing our bottoms as a whale, walking sideways for a crab, star jumps for star fish and running for racing boats!! The children had so much fun, needless to say on the homeward stretch they were a bit tired! When we arrived in the tunnel for a snack and a drink the children all sat down with friends and family and enjoyed a homemade banana and raisin biscuit in shape of a Star Fish, prepared by Valerie and fruit juice, these were devoured with smiling faces!! One of the children said “this is the best party under the tunnel.” Whilst we were enjoying our snack members of the public walked past saying “hello”!

Once snack had finished we headed back to FR HQ, this time not so fast! When we arrived back at base we had a head count, changed our soggy clothes and prepared for lunch and home time. The children were full of smiles and talking about the walk. Needless, to say we had a great time, Thank you for coming and supporting us.

I am still collecting donations, so if you have not yet done so please can you donate £1.00 if your child participated in the Toddle Waddle!! We will upload our event to the Toddle Waddle facebook page www.facebook.comtoddlewaddles and the Somerset Guardian. Once all donations our collected I will let you know on the weekly email, how much we raised. Free Rangers will also be donating.

Once again, thank you for your continuous support.