The jaw dropping secret life of Babies

Hello I'm Jemma, I have recently re-joined the gorgeous babies and Lisa in the Nest, I would just like to bring your attention to a fantastic and eye opening documentary on the secret life of babies. It was about the first two years of human life, a time when we grow and learn.  The part of the documentary I would like to highlight is an amazing survival  story of a six month old baby. Babies have an instinct ability to swim, if a baby is put under water they automatically begin to kick their legs and wave their arms long before they can even crawl or walk. A mother took her six month old baby for a walk in his pushchair along with her dogs as her normal routine, she put the breaks on the pushchair and turned to pick up some mess her dog had left, a gust of wind knocked the baby from the harbour side and into the water, the baby landed face down into the water where he led lifeless strapped into his pushchair for 6 minutes until the harbour master jumped into the water to retrieve the baby boy for a heroic rescue, a local nurse gave the boy CPR and the baby began to breath again after he was sick, because of his age and the temperature of the water he was able to make a full recovery.

The temperature of the water was so cold, it froze the little boys brain slowing down the risk of brain damage caused by lack of oxygen, whilst being in the water. Normally when a person is under water and have no oxygen, water begins to fill up the lungs, but due to the structure and ability of a baby's mouth cavity to close off and prevent the lungs from gathering water, his body kept the water from going into his lungs and straight to the stomach to then later be rejected from the body.

I found this documentary so amazing I just wanted to show you how our own babies have the instinct for survival and are very clever. Even for me after working with children for 11 years now and having my own son I still find babies so interesting.

Thank you